The Big Whoopsie ..

Thoughts : It’s straight forward, everything that need’s to be penned down, has been. All information is in front of me. Stick to the facts!! It’s all documentated.

Feelings : What in God’s name is wrong with you?? If you can’t read – ask!! There’s no such thing as “I was’nt aware “..Why are you running around like a Dodo bird?? 

Reality : Shit’s hit the fan..

Perplexed, Not the least bit surprised, Having a laugh, Watching to see what happens next ..(gotta love the Soaps..)


Right … Portfolio updated. Almost all  5’1  1/2″ of me.

Blond hair comes out Black.. Now I know, and you know how I ‘ll look ages to come..Do I look like my Mom?

I notice the wrinkle cream doesnt work – the whitening cream ate my freckles away..

Thanks to my trusty Tab. The brand I wont mention.. Thanks a bunch for storing my secrects & valuable work of over a year. (*secrects – Mid cycle = Dooms day!! Your gonna get it if you dont get out of my way!! PUT THE FREAKIN LID DOWN AFTER A TINKLE!! AND DONT FORGET TO FLUSH) ..eep*

I want so much to put one of my latest Clips on this Post but I must decline.. My Lawyers wont be too happy. A “demo” is a “demo”, a “share” is a “share” but “re-production and re-distributing” of any of my zenista* Applications, Clippets & Special Effects work has “re-percussion”. 

… Pssstt!! Email me instead for more info!!…