Walk into a Board meeting.

Everyone casts’ ballots vying for TOP position.

Everyone – votes themselves.

Nobody seconded a vote……..

Everyone wants the TOP position.

Nobody wants to give………..

So – who’s in charge……….

Surely we pick the individual who’s got the biggest drive and biggest balls to see, everything through………

What we should do –  is better ourselves and the company’s position.

After all, are’nt we all here to make money……….

Forget personal grudges. 

They’ll only bring you loss.


First One’s In – Last One’s Out.

Like the Title says .. First one’s in – last one’s out.

You amaze me .. I am in total awe. No wonder, when you hurt – you hurt deep..

You just take the beating’s wanting to be the Best of the Best. You sacrifice almost everything and the girl/guy of your dreams. You make me sick .. 

Half off for afterward’s – IF !! you make it to afterward’s.. 

You just make do with whatever. 

Sometime’s I don’t want to see you make do with “whatever”.. 

So here’s the plan ..

No Loser’s the way I see ..

Scenario :

2 Fighter’s vying for that Golden belt.

They both train to the maximum – sweat beads – spit blood. In my mind,  I’m like – your going to be as good as your Trainer with their guidance & past experiences. They know the best moves and teach you how to evade hits “instinctively” when attacked. You pay big bucks for a seasoned fighter who’s taken a couple of hits in his/her time in the ring to train you. Some just do it becuse you remind them of themselves. That hunger.. (Now that’s a great trainer..)

The build-up to the fight (apparantly) is mind blowing. It’s like a chart. Some days you feel pumped up to just wanting to get in the ring and have that big fight & some days you just groan and think – dont feel like it today.. I ll stay in bed.

The big day finally arrives, both fighters are PUMPED – in the MAD ZONE – they push out any negativity and direct their energy and venom to one direction. The Opponent. If the Opponent could feel the build-up, they’d cringe and walk away .. Outside the spectator’s are hyper. Bet’s done, make sure my Golden Boy is prepped and ready to roll!! Sponsor’s give you a quick pep and tell you your so ready. They tell you you got that look in your eye’s and it’s going to be a walk in the park. We got your back!! They’ll be some blood spill alright .. yeah …

The Good Ol’Days – Foodie Scavanger’s

Miri Sarawak, East Malaysia..

Dang – how I miss the good ol’days – scavanger hunting for great local supper.

We look forward to our supper after a night out at the Clubs. Forget airs at the top joints, when we sup afterwards – we sup ..

We’re red faced, pissed out of our head’s, barely blurting out what we want. Trying hard to look somewhat ‘normal’ after heavy sessions of Social galore.

We attack at the Fried Noodles, Flat Noodles – Nasi lemak, Sup Tulang with Power Root (LOL!!) It’s like we crave the oils, we crave the calories, the taste just numbs your senses.. Chilli padi please!!! The spiced chicken wings – oh man .. we can pay up to RM10 for 3 pieces but let me tell you something. It was the “Bomb” of all Chicken Wing recipes!!!! The herbs & spices that comprised of the marinade was freakin’ awesome.. Chicken Wings just never tasted the same after you tried – the “Bomb”!!! I’m shaking my head in disbelief that if your a local – and you never tried the “Bomb” located near the old Taxi Station .. shame on you ! By the by, where have they gone???

Baby Daddy ..

Funny how I gauge the Men I date as potential Baby Daddy’s.

In the past year – I ve learnt that “Speed Dating” command’s alot, out of a person. It’s like I’m on 24/7. .

I’ve learnt that when I say “Yes …”, they take it as “No …” (Dipstick) and Vise Versa.

I’ve learnt that when I say “That’s it!! I’m out of here!! ..” they think, 

” ..  either I marry her OR no nookie ..” (Damn right, Dipstick – messing with zenista* herself!!) 

Im fussy .. tsk**
I like Caucasian men .. I ve dated Asian, Eurasian, European men. 

The meaner he looks, the better. Fierce. Tall, Tanned, Tattoed!! Built like a brick-house..

I want him towering over me!!! (“Tanned” .. take’s a while)

Something about a Man towering over a Girl – makes ME feel safe. All 5’1 1/2″ of me. 

Someone asked me – Which Personality/Celebrity would you liken yourself to??  My answer was – Kylie Minogue/Catherine Zeta Jones. You should’ve seen the look I got. (LOL!!!)

You asked! I gave my honest answer..💋

Ps – I said I take a size “8” United Kingdom. No more/No less**

What the hell is going on??

I’m going to blame this on Premenstrual Stress (PMS).

I enjoy my occassional cigars. I smoke a pack of cigg’s a day. Even better with Vhiskey and Kopi. You should try my Suntung* rollies..

These days I have to look for a Signboard that say’s I’m at the right place to light-up a ciggarette. Im lucky if there’s a bench to sit on  – but definately an ashtray to collect buds. 

I wonder why the Government impose high taxes on all these imported ciggs and still we are told to sit at length’s way.  We can afford to smoke obviously!!! Thank God for rolling tobacco, for some of us on a tighter budget* 

Bless their cotton socks there are a few organizations that try to help us ease, the urge to light – up a ciggarette. Poor guy probably had to go ‘cold turkey’ and quit!!! What’s the tax rate anyway on imported ciggs??

Why cant we give someone else a hard time instead?

Let’s discuss something current and life threatening!!!

How much does weed cost these days? Uppers/Downers? Ko-ke ? Just asking!! No need to get your back up ..

Alot of people, cant afford the greater stuff. They settle for a couple of the good stuff instead. What happens when one has too many of the good stuff at one time and overdoses in the next 24 hours???  If they die it’s tragic – what if they share needles??? What happens if they contract or spread Hepatitis or Aids through sharing syringes??? Which brings me back to my predicament above. We dont pass out or die in 24 hours after a pack of ciggarettes, Honey!!! If someone did – that would be an assasination. Not death by tar/nicotine over 50 years of smoking a cigar. (Nano tech is available by the way ..)

Second hand smoke annoys people!!! Ok, I understand. We have to try consider their feelings. Especially around pregnant/lactating mother’s.

Can we have Signboards around to tell these mother fucking – cheap charlie – drug addicts to stay the fuck away from the Public? ( If it’s the great stuff it’s ok  – you walk on air .. great bounce .. and you feel hot and super sexy!!!) Instead !!! your face DROPS!! Your attitude changes to UGLY and you tell everyone that you OWN the FUCKING WORLD. Please delete any cctv footage, i ve been slipped a couple before. At the time I didnt know until I almost passed-out getting up to leave. Barely made it back & just hurled everything out .. 

By the by .. You look stupid walking around trying to convince yourself you ‘had a great time’… Dont pass out near the ‘designated’ smoking zone. I’ ll look the other way.

Losing track of time.

Days pass so quick, I check the time on my Tab and can’t believe I ‘ve wasted, yet, another day..

Here I am sat on my bottom when I could be out there – somewhere – (arms waiving around) doing something else. Making money!!! Running a small business or two!!! Blake’s football practise!!! Listen to Conrad yell at me for smoking!!! Tell Jared how I adore him & moan about how fast my Little Man has grown up to be a fine young man!!!

(Hyperventilating …)

I turn on the radio and listen to any channel, potential work, I listen to interviews and gain insight on finance and such .. It helps being a chirpy radio host. I learn new language’s and buff up on my pronunciation via the Iban channel. (Is there a ‘Book for Dummies’ for the Iban Language?) I absolutely love listening to their song’s, especially old school one’s. It gives me comfort somehow being connected to my people .. even if half the time I’m trying to suss out what the radio host’s are talking about. I get the jizz of it – I think .. eeheeheehee!!!!

(Trying to be chirpy …)

Then I think to myself – Way to go, Christine Ann (cynical) .. Thank goodness for this plateau. Here I am, my feelings & thoughts, into typed – down anecdotes. 

To Err is Human.

That’s the response I get after a session of bitching and downloading. 

I’m like .. what in God’s name were they thinking??? And then the response – to Err is Human. I roll my eye’s. I swear a bit more on the inside .. I try to take a firmer stand, Human’s were created smarter then animal’s for a reason. Even animals know after a couple of nasties not to repeat the same mistake. We the Human’s teach them. Different in the wild. That’s when sheer ballsiness & insanity occurs. So – does that mean that some of us Human’s are cavemen and setting ourselves back into the dark ages???

My Eldest Son told me that he’d like to major in Psycology. I thought -Great!!! I’ ll pay my Son and download on him all my woes & relationship problems. He won’t be taking my sessions soon after a couple. 

The people I do hang out with & communicate with, a very small circle, know what I’m like. I bitch, moan & groan – make fun of myself – and question the Universe. We may live halfway across the world from each other but .. it’s nice to know that we can sometimes ‘feel’ like we’re sat next to each other. Which reminds me of the cartoon character from ‘A Bug’s Life’ .. The swami Praying Mantis. I love the Caterpillar character who sprouted wings finally, by the way. My friend’s are grounded people – realistic. We like thinking out of the box. And that’s when we all ‘realise’ it’s actually ‘a huge problem’. We sit back, sip on more coffee, smoke a couple more ciggs in silence – then we look at each other and LAUGH!!! Then we change the subject quickly .. (eeheeheehee !!! …)

Well, two or more head’s are better then one. I should have penned this whole thing down, goddammit!!! Blockbuster!!! 

A Get-Together, A Combustion of Different Personalities.

What do you have … when you get together with 12 of your girl cousins, whom you either haven’t met before, or haven’t seen since childhood – and head out on a 2 month-long, all expences paid (£), working holiday? 

Due to a certain individual – we have to get Security in to watch our every move. Not because we’ll get up to, ‘No Good’ ..  we’ll have Security because we’ll cause utter mayhem either by making the people around us ‘overly’ – hungry – relaxed – excited – sexy or raring for a game of hockey. SO!!! Doesnt this sound like FUN yet?? I love it when family get together.. 

It’s just a natural occurance really .. Some of us are just more vivacious. Why?? Does it show on our faces that we are just more vivacious then average?? Why segregate us cousins, man .. (psst!! This is what happens when your folk’s were probably high on magic mushroom’s or whacking on the Backy a little too much – back in those days, apparantly.) Emm .. to be honest, we are all quite hyper – naturally. We’re just a highly excitable bunch. We love life and we love living it, to – the – fullest. We just forget sometimes to slow-down. We go on ‘auto-drive’ and join in the rat race.

We are Blogging the whole trip. So ‘us’ with kids dont feel guilty and start hyperventilating and go nutso. We’re already highly strung – that comes with the territory.  Mommy needs a little time out. Try not to give your Dad a hard time while Mom’s away. And my poor cousin’s have to explain why – in length – they need ‘time-out’ and that they deserve a ‘break’ plus ‘ we want to experience your Aunty Christine zapping her zenista* Apps on tap!!! Live baby!!! Live!!! We’ll be hamming it up the whole trip!!!’🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆 I love my girl cuzzies, I really do.. They are honest, hard-working women and would never hurt a fly. (unless mid-cycling) So – When and if, each of us get’s a chance to open up and yak about our feelings, hopes, dreams and peeves – it’s going to be good .. real good. 

2 months (give or take) 2 or 3 nights per stop (give or take) we’ll go with the flow. Mai Kin Teok.. 💋

Perhaps ..

Well .. yes I have thought about it and yes, scrutinized and dissected the whole thing in my mind, over and over again.

Experience wise – lacking. Information wise – spilling, overflowing.

There’s always a smartass who’s going to tell you otherwise..They’ve been before you see. What’s so special about you compared to me or the 10 other people vying for that spot. Yup .. look away, dont let them see that look in your eyes. 

Make your MARK. Since you want it so bad.